Why Laika Treat?

August 13, 2020

1. Insects are high in protein, nutrients, and easily digestible

Insects are excellent sources of protein, B-vitamins, and trace minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, and Omega-6. It is great for your dog's immune system, healthy skin, and digestion. They are tummy-friendly and easy to digest. Vets recommend them for dogs with allergies to common proteins and those with a sensitive stomach and digestive issues.

2. Vet-approved for a completed and balanced diet

Veterinarians and experts in pet nutrition ensure that all Laika products are healthy, tasty, and safe for your dogs. Each bite has a proper mix of protein, fat, carbs, and the 23 essential vitamins and minerals for your dog’s health as determined by AAFCO.

Planet-friendly and low carbon pawprint

We take the responsibility to our planet very seriously. All of our ingredients are locally sourced to minimize unnecessary carbon pawprints and to support the local community of farmers. Using insects as a primary source of protein also helps to minimize natural resources -- land, water, carbon emission -- more than 100X when compared to traditional protein from beef and chickens.

4. All-natural ingredients with no added salt, by-product meats, additives, and preservatives

We do not believe in artificial flavors, coloring, and anything unnecessary and unhealthy. In all our recipes, there is no added salt, by-product meats, additives, and preservatives. We use all-natural and locally-sourced ingredients as a good source of healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in our treats.

Perfect for training and rewards

Not only our treats are healthy and planet-friendly, but we have also done multiple treat testings to ensure that they look, smell, and taste great! For dogs that love to the sound of crunching, you will love our oven-baked "crunchy" treat. For dogs who prefer a softer texture, stay tuned to our slow-cooked "chewy" treat that will be released soon -- they can be broken into small pieces without any crumbling. What could be more perfect for training and rewards than these?

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