Serving Size

Laika Treat is developed by veterinarians and pet food nutritionists to ensure that all recipes meet the dog's nutritional requirement by AAFCO. Below is the recommended serving sizes based on the dog's body weight.

Recommended Serving Size:

 Dog Weight

Pieces / Day

<5 KG

2-4 Pcs

5-10 KG

3-6 Pcs

10-15 KG

5-8 Pcs

>15 KG

7-10 Pcs

One piece of Laika Crunchy Treat have about ~18 kcal / pcs. The Recommended Serving Size is based on the dog's weight only. Please consider other factors such as dog's activity per day. 

Recommend to feed as a snack, training reward, or topper.  This treats are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Enjoy Laika Treats!


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